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Concept of Operations

The Concept of Operations (CONOPs) is how the future airspace operation is defined. It is the detailed methodology by which the Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) will deliver safe and efficient services within the airspace. Oasisairbridge has access to the expertise to develop and define a CONOPs which will encompass all aspects of the future service delivery in the aerodrome, terminal and en-route environments.

The CONOPs is the foundation upon which a comprehensive roadmap is developed. A detailed roadmap provides all key stakeholders with a clear and compelling path to implementation of all the future Air Traffic Management (ATM) technologies, operating standards, training, procedures and airspace designs. The approach well established and can be scaled from individual airports up to country-wide implementation projects.

Oasisairbridge will deploy core teams to develop the key design areas of the CONOPs – Communications, Navigation, Surveillance and Air Traffic Management. These teams will oversee and drive the CONOPs development alongside airspace, safety and capacity experts. They will engage with key stakeholders at all phases of the design work and will provide continuity as projects move from CONOPs definition through the roadmap delivery

In support of our core activities Oasisairbridge will provide modelling and simulation of current and future options for airports, Terminal Manoeuvring Area (TMA) airspace, Enroute sectors and whole-country airspace including interfaces with other Flight Information Regions and countries. The best modelling technologies and analytical methodologies will be used to enable all stakeholders to visualise and feed back on all aspects of the design work. This means that air traffic controllers will be at the core of the design and implementation phases in order that a practical and effective system is developed and delivered.

Analysing the performance of the ATM system during development is essential. Oasisairbridge will provide analytical assessment of modelling scenarios in order to identify weak points and bottle-necks, assess future capacity potential of existing airports and to visualise how the whole ATM system is performing. This methodology will determine future capacity potential of the chosen CONOPs options and allow intelligent decisions to be made on reliable metrics, primarily to inform the design cycle. At all times, the input and technologies of the appropriate Oasisairbridge partners will be employed to ensure appropriate expertise is applied.

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